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Max Swahn


3 Tips For Growing As An Engineer

Engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve. Unfortunately, many feel they hit a plateau of sorts at some point in a career. That is why the following list has been created. If an engineer should ever feel stagnant, it can serve as a great resource. The tips,...

The Student Engineer Survival Guide

There’s a reputation that surrounds studying engineering. Putting it bluntly, pursuing a degree in engineering, in any capacity, can be brutal. Luckily, it’s also a highly studied field, so after years in the gauntlet, past students leave a few tips. Don’t...

Dear College Students: The Library is Your Friend

Anyone who’s attended a college or university is no stranger to running from class to class, with a backpack full of books and little time to spare. The stress of college weighs deeply in a balancing act between attending a hefty schedule of classes, staying on...


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